Your Smile Tells Your Story

My household has a tendency to attract a variety of guests and strangers. Whether they are friends of one of the kids or visitors just passing through, there is often an incongruous group of diners around our table. In response to this, we’ve developed the habit of doing “ice breakers” to help our guests to get to know each other and open the door to dinner conversation. One of our favorites is going around the table and having each person say something about themselves that no one would expect. We’ve had people own up to everything from plastic surgery to bungee jumping to a passion for watching reruns of The Golden Girls!
During my twenty-five years of private practice in Rockland County, I’ve often been reminded of these ice breakers, because as I’ve gotten to know my patients, I have found them remarkable, surprising and inspiring. I am a firm believer that in order to do a good job taking care of my patients’ dental needs, I need to get to know them and understand what role their smiles play in their lives. That’s why my motto has become, Your Smile Tells Your Story.

Our dental team
Our dental team at a seminar

Discovering these things about patients has a practical purpose but it has also created relationships that make Dental Design of Rockland feel like a community. It’s what makes us look forward to going to work each day, and our patients have as much impact on our lives as we hope to have on theirs.
We’ve learned that many patients are involved in organizations, activities and businesses that improve the lives of others and bring something positive to the world. With so much negative information being disseminated all the time, I am motivated to share some of the positive and encouraging stories I’ve discovered. This will give you, my patients and readers, a chance to experience the Dental Design community that I enjoy spending my time with every day.

Friendly atmosphere
Friendly atmosphere

Log in and experience the difference ordinary people can make through their ideas, passions and contributions. You might be inspired to try something new, reach out to someone in your community, or support a worthwhile cause. But mostly, I think you’ll find, as I have, that our “smile stories” warm your hearts and create a bright spot in your day.

One last thing – if you have a story to tell, or a cause or project that you’d like us to write about, please let us know. We’re always excited to learn something new and share with others. Follow us on facebook to find out when new posts go up!