mariaresizedMeet Maria!

“…I am so happy I came out with the most beautiful smile. You are not only my dentist, you are my friend. You really care and it shows in your personality and craft…”
– Sincerely, Maria L.

A few years ago I had a negative experience with a new dentist I had started to see after moving out of the area. After having two cavities filled, I was experiencing extreme discomfort. The fillings were sensitive and I started developing constant headaches, including severe ones in the middle of the night.

After hearing about my symptoms and examining me, Dr. Ollech identified my problem: an uneven bit that had caused tension and muscle spasms in my jaw muscles. Over a series of a few visits, Dr. Ollech made sure my bite was correct, and worked with me to calm the muscle spasms that were causing my headaches. She did a wonderful job with trying a few different approaches. When one attempt lessened the headaches, but did not eliminate them entirely, she suggested something else until we found something that worked.

Finally, through a series of adjustments, medications, and devices, I was back to normal! It was amazing to be pain-free after three months of suffering. Dr. Ollech did an excellent job explaining exactly what was causing my problems and how she was going to correct them. She worked with me to ensure that I was getting the results I wanted. I was quite desperate for some relief when I went back to her, and I’m thrilled that I did!

-Kim K.

I had stains on my teeth from taking medicine as a kid. I had lost my job and was going on interviews for the first time in fifteen years. I felt that I was making a bad impression because I had a habit of avoiding showing my teeth and so I did not smile much. When my teeth did show I think they made me look older and I thought no one would want to hire an old guy when there were so many young men out there looking for the same jobs as I was. My neighbor had gotten veneers before his high school reunion and he told me to try going to see Dr. Ollech. The staff was friendly and really accommodating. At the first visit Dr. Ollech listened to me tell her all my concerns and we came up with a plan together for my treatment. I had ZOOM whitening which made my teeth much lighter and got rid of the dark stains. It may be a coincidence, but I was hired by the first company that interviewed me after I got my new smile. I don’t know if they liked the way I looked or if I just felt more confident and it showed!

-Larry M.
Pomona, NY

My six year old daughter, Kim, was always terrified to go to the dentist. Every time we went she would cry and refuse to open her mouth no matter how much we coaxed and tried to bribe her. The dentist wanted to put her in a restraining device called a papoose but I couldn’t bring myself to let him do it. Dr. Ollech’s office is near where I sometimes get lunch so I went in and asked if they see kids. I thought maybe Kim would do better with a woman. From my first conversation with Vivian, I knew things would be better. I explained what was going on and she told me that Dr. Ollech sees lots of kids and that many of them start out scared like Kim. When Kim went to see Dr. Ollech for the first time she came out to the waiting room herself and brought us inside. We did not have to wait at all so Kim had no time to get nervous. Dr. Ollech let me come in the room and Kim sat on my lap for a ride on the chair and a “practice visit”. Dr. Ollech explained everything before she did it and spoke right to Kim. I saw her start to trust Dr. Ollech. We went back for a checkup and then for a filling. Kim was happy through it all and now she brushes her teeth without even being reminded. Dr. Ollech and her whole staff were a godsend!

-Laurie C.

I went to Dr. Ollech for one of my regular checkups and she found a small lump behind my right ear during the cancer screening. I thought it was probably nothing since it was so small but she encouraged me to go to my doctor to have it looked at and she even called me that night to see if I had made an appointment with him! In the end I had a biopsy and it turned out that it was an early skin cancer! Thankfully, nothing else was found and after some radiation I was given a clean bill of health. But I hate to think of what could have happened if I did not find the lump so early. I know that Dr. Ollech’s thorough “total care” checkups saved my life!

-K. B.
Spring Valley