Testing for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Barbara Ollech works with physicians to get you tested for Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is diagnosed by a physical exam and thorough health history followed by a sleep test. This test can be done overnight in the privacy of your home. The test will monitor your breathing, blood oxygen levels and heart rate while you sleep and will be interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician.

Most medical insurance plans, including Medicare will pay for this process 100%. If you have one of the few plans that don’t cover sleep testing, we can make a test available to you at a reasonable cost – that’s how much Dr. Ollech cares about helping you get the facts about Sleep Apnea.

If your test shows that you have SEVERE Sleep Apnea and are at higher risk for health problems (called “comorbidities”) that can go along with it, you may be sent to a sleep lab for a more detailed overnight test and have other treatment options recommended to you. Whatever the result, Dr. Ollech is here to listen to your concerns and find the right treatment for you.

Once your test results are in, Dr. Ollech will review them with you and discuss your options for treatment.

Information about treatment for sleep apnea